Are we working together?  GREAT! Happy to meet you.

 A little about me and this site…

Recruiters/HR Professionals  wear many hats. This company, was born from the desire to help recruiters and HR professionals with one of those hats.

Other hats include but not limited to:  Life Coach, Career Coach, Marriage Counselor, Finance Coach,  Housing and Travel Planner, and more…

I am here to help with the last one. If your talent or candidate has a need to move to a new home,  my company is here to help. Accepting a job means a life change, and a new home, and a move… = STRESS.   I want to make this an easier transition for everyone so new candidate does not have to worry about so much about the move/home and focus on the new job instead.

You can read about me and my crazy journey HERE .

Short version:

My name is Edie Webber and I love people. And traveling . And Horses.  And My Family. And My Husband.  And Golf. And my hot tub.  Did I mention horses?  And I am trying to not indulge in my love of wine so much,  And no restraint on the coffee (so far).

I have been knocked down many times, but keep getting up. God leads me and I follow. I am excited about my life and the new discoveries yet to come.